Luke Kennedy

About me

In 2010 I founded Avia, home of Scan2CAD – market leading CAD software. The software grew to be distributed worldwide with French, Italian, Polish and Japanese localized versions and partnerships with major hardware manufactures such as HP who ship the software with specific scanner models.

In 2012 I co-founded HushHush with Mark Pearson (MyVoucherCodes founder and secret millionaire.)  HushHush saw rapid growth (0 to 25 staff in 8 weeks) and is now one of the largest flash sale stores in the UK. After working as Head of Operations until 2013 – I left to pursue my next adventure - Kudu.

Kudu will give anyone with any budget  – the power to create, maintain and optimise truly effective online ad campaigns. We’re creating a better way to advertise online.


Other stuff about me: I’m a vegetarian who used to play guitar in a number of hardcore bands, I’m keen on personal fitness and I’m a big green tea fan with a growing penchant for coffee.

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Luke Kennedy